Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tonika Morgan carries the Women's Global Charter for Humanity to six national events across the country

Tonika will be in Vancouver to accept the Charter at the United States border on May 1st and will be its guardian and bearer until it leaves Canada on May 7th from Quebec City.

Tonika, this year’s winner of the Toronto YWCA Woman of Disctinction award, is committed to improving the status of women at home and around the world. She has lived the nightmare of poverty and homelessness and understands their connection to equality rights.

“I have faced a lot of adversity in my life. I want Canadians to understand that women want and need a place as leaders and decision makers. Carrying the Global Charter for Humanity is an opportunity for me to help mobilize and inspire all Canadians; to move them into action against poverty and violence.”

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